How Millennials are Driving the Evolution of Employee Engagement

India’s population majorly comprises of the young – especially Gen-X. A generation of millennials, who have a whole new perspective in terms of their ‘expectations from a job’. They are known for their limitless aspirations. Hence, organisations are compelled to revamp their efforts to provide a better and more engaging workspace. Organisations have therefore started re-aligning their employee engagement strategies.

Realign the leadership style

A good people’s leader should not only be intellectually advanced but should also have a strong emotional quotient. Recognition and appreciation from their leaders are what the Gen-X thrive for! Millennials today are very ambitious when it comes to their individual career growth. They demand a workspace with a super competitive environment and want opportunities to outshine their competitors. Hence, managers in organisations need to ensure a certain amount of hygiene around workplace happiness.

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This reflects strongly on leadership training, performance management processes as well as organisational communication. If we delve deeper into this, we can notice that this is not a competence-related requirement but a character-related one. A leader should be committed to the well-being of individuals and be sensitive to multiple individual motivators. 

Millennials Driving the Evolution of Employee Engagement UpGrad Blog

Revamp employee’s feedback infrastructure

Organisations have to majorly focus on strengthening their communication infrastructure. For this, they should introduce a whole new set of tools/apps that leverage mobile functionality and social media integration for simply staying in touch. The simple objective targeted through these tools is to have a constant connect—enable employees to engage with company communication, celebrate success, share feedback that shapes decisions, and most significantly, generate a feeling of being heard.

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What is exciting to note is the way in which employee engagement, as a domain, brings together technology as well as some core human elements like conversations and connection. In an era of technological revolutions, engagement principles are consistently focused on establishing a humane, connected, and flexible environment to accommodate the needs of a multigenerational workforce. Interestingly enough, technology has been blamed in the past for taking away the human connection.

Streamline employee development at work

The third shift is simply how engagement is looked at. While, for years, it was restricted to fun events and activities at work, in the last few years, it has evolved into something much broader in scope. It has now turned into an aspect that cuts across various organisations and impacts every aspect of life at work; starting from onboarding to performance management to the exits.

Organisations are implementing a strategic focus on short-term and long-term factors impacting employee experience — career paths, employee-friendly workspace and experience-centered rewards are also emerging trends.

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Engagement is no longer just a workplace approach; it is an evolving, constantly changing, live element. Its reach is not restricted to infrastructure, environment, and activities, but one that extends to the psyche of employees and their managers. Organisations who can incorporate this engagement psyche into their daily and perpetual way of functioning will certainly see a better future in terms of attracting more of the young, skilled and hungry talent.

Comment below to let us know if your company has managed to master employee engagement and how; or tell us your ideas on the subject!

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