PG Diploma in Data Analytics

Online11 MonthsRs. 2,00,000(Incl. taxes)

PG Diploma from IIIT-Bangalore

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a Post Graduate Diploma Certificate from IIIT-Bangalore.

Learn. Experience. Master.

For the Industry, By the Industry

Learn how Uber matches cab supply and demand, how Cognizant predicts customer churn for telecom service providers & more.

Domain Specialisation

Choose between BFSI, E-commerce/Retail, Healthcare/Life Sciences or Telecom/Media & build a resume showing expertise in one of the largest sectors in the world.

Career Guidance

Apply for suitable data analytics profiles through our career support. Your career mentor will help you select and prepare for interviews.

Program Vitals

Course Duration

June 2017 - May 201811 Months

Time Commitment

6-10 hoursper week

Program Fee

Rs. 2,00,000(Incl. taxes)Flexible EMI options

Learn from Analytics Leaders

This program has been designed in collaboration with some of the most influential analytics leader and top academician in data analytics.

Hindol Basu, Partner, Tata iQ

Hindol Basu


Tata iQ

Prof. S. Sadagopan, Director, IIIT Bangalore

Prof. S. Sadagopan


Madhukar Kumar, Principal Data Scientist, SG Analytics

Madhukar Kumar

Advanced Analytics Expert

Experfy & Ex - WNS

Dr. Chandrashekar Ramanatha, Associate Dean (Academics), IIIT Bangalore

Prof. R. Chandrashekar

Associate Dean (Academics)

Sameer Dhanrajani, Business Leader, Cognizant Technology Solution

Sameer Dhanrajani

Business Leader

Tricha Anjali, Associate Professor, IIIT Bangalore

Prof. Tricha Anjali

Associate Professor

Ujjyaini Mitra, Head Analytics & Marketing Intelligence, Bharti Airtel Ltd

Ujjyaini Mitra

Associate Director Business Finance

G Srinivasaraghavan, Professor, IIIT Bangalore

G Srinivasaraghavan


Vinit Vishal, Head - BI & Analytics, Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited

Vinit Vishal

Sr. Manager

Dinesh Babu Jayagopi, Assistant Professor, IIIT Bangalore

Dinesh Babu Jayagopi

Assistant Professor

Kalpana Subbaramappa, Ex - AVP, Decision Sciences, GENPACT

Kalpana Subbaramappa

Ex - AVP, Decision Sciences

Anshuman Gupta, PhD, Head - Data Science Program, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Anshuman Gupta, PhD

Head - Data Science Program

Ankit Jain, Sr. Data Scientist, Roadrunnr

Ankit Jain

Sr. Data Scientist

Sai Alluri

Sai Alluri

PRO Analytics & Strategy Manager - Uber India

Saurabh Agarwal, Head- Information Management & Engineering, TATA IQ

Saurabh Agarwal

Head- Information Management & Engineering


Shrikanth Soundurrajan, Chief Architect, InMobi

Srikanth Sundarrajan

Chief Architect

Program Syllabus

7 Courses11 Months
  • Introduction to Data Analytics

    Understand what is data analytics & its applications across industries

  • Introduction to Data Sets and Data Models

    Learn how to solve problems & understand the relevant data set structures for solving them

  • Business and Data Understanding

    Equip yourself with the skills to understand business problem and data intuitively

  • Data Warehousing and OLAP

    Equip yourself with the knowledge to extract and pre-process data before analysis

  • Data Visualization

    Make your data alive with visuals using R, Excel and tools like Tableau

  • Case Study - Investments

    Implement your learnings to find sectors in which different companies ought to invest

  • Descriptive Statistics

    Summarize and describe data sets using a measures such as Central tendency and variability

  • Inferential Statistics

    Learn probability, Central Limit Theorem and much more to draw inferences

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

    Derive initial insights from the data using R and other visualization tools

  • Hypothesis Testing

    Understand how to formulate & test hypotheses to solve various business problems

  • Design of Experiment

    Use Design of Experiment methodology for data collection

  • Case Study- Uber Supply Demand Gap

    Apply Statistics and understand how you can solve the supply demand gap of cabs for Uber

  • Data Preparation for Modelling

    Equip yourself with the techniques and tools to prepare data for modelling

  • Introduction to Machine Learning

    Learn all about Tasks, Features, Models and design of ML study

  • Linear Regression

    Learn to implement linear regression and predict continuous data values

  • Supervised Classification

    Understand and implements algorithms like K-NN, Naïve Bayes, Logistic Regression and Support Vector Machines

  • Clustering

    Learn how to create segments based on similarities using K-Means and Hierarchical clustering

  • Case Study- Telecom Churn

    Help a telecom giant predict if a customer will churn or not. Apply multiple algorithms simultaneously to see which one works the best

  • Model Selection

    Equip yourself with the knowledge to select the best algorithms for your data

  • Generalized Regression

    What if the data doesn’t follow a straight line? Learn Ridge regression, regularized regression and LASSO

  • Time Series

    Learn how to predict on time dependent/variant data

  • Decision Trees

    Tree based model that is simple and easy to use. Learn the fundamentals on how to implement them

  • Neural Networks

    Master Feed-forward, Recurrent and Gaussian Neural Networks. This is your way into AI!

  • Ensembles

    Learn how algorithms can be combined for better results

  • Association Rule Mining

    Ever wonder why beer is kept next to diapers in superstores? Find out in this module

  • Introduction to Big Data And Hadoop

    Understand the basic concepts of Big Data and used Hadoop as processing platform for Big Data

  • Managing Big Data

    Learn and Use Hadoop Ecosystem tools for data ingestion, extraction and management. Hadoop ecosystem tools namely Sqoop, Hive will be covered in this Module

  • Introduction to Spark

    Understand and use Spark, a fast Big Data processing platform. Also learn the basics of Scala

  • Big Data Analysis

    Learn how to analyze Big Data using SparkR, SparkSQL. Learn the basics of MLib

  • BFSI

    Learn Customer analytics and Risk Analytics within BFSI

  • E-Commerce/Retail/CPG

    Learn customer marketing analytics and recommendations engines

  • Telecom

    Learn how analytics is revolutionizing both Telecom domain

  • Health Care/Life Science

    Understand analytics usage in Healthcare improvement and drug discovery

*Elective would be launched only if there is a sizeable student demand for the particular elective.

The 3 month flagship capstone project will reinforce your specialization under the mentorship of an industry professional

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