Digital Marketing
Certification Program

Online5 MonthsStarts March 2017Rs. 60,000

IAMAI Certification

This digital marketing course offers certification from Internet and Mobile Association of India upon successful completion.

Learn. Experience. Master.

Learn 16 Digital Marketing Disciplines & Tools

Learn Marketing fundamentals, digital skills, tools and strategies around website building, SEO, SEM, Display, Social Media, Remarketing, Email, Mobile Marketing, Inbound, Content, Analytics, Marketing Strategies and more.

Study 15+ Industry Cases

Learn how Grofers changed their social media strategy to target hindi-speaking customers, Star used social media to popularised promoted cricket world club through Mauka Mauka campaign.

Get Career Guidance

Apply for suitable digital marketing profiles through our career support. Your career mentor will help you select and prepare for interviews.

Program Vitals

Course Duration

Mar 2017 - Aug 2017Online, 5 months

Time Commitment

6-8 hoursper week

Program Fee

Rs. 60,000 + 15% Tax Flexible EMI options

Learn from the Digital Experts

This program has been designed in collaboration with the top bosses in digital marketing.

Ashok Lalla, Independent Digital and Marketing Advisor

Ashok Lalla

Independent Digital and

Marketing Advisor

Apurva Chamaria, Head Corporate Marketing
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Apurva Chamaria

Head Corporate Marketing

Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing

Jaideep Prabhu

Professor of Marketing

Prithviraj Banerjee, Head of Agency, DigitasLBi

Prithviraj Banerjee

Head of Agency

Sakhee Dheer, Head - Digital Marketing
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Sakhee Dheer

Head - Digital Marketing

Facebook APAC

Sujoy Golan, Head - Marketing

Sujoy Golan

"Head - Marketing

Neville Medhora, Head of India Business

Neville Medhora

Head of India Business

Rajeev Sharma, Former Head of Digital
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Rajeev Sharma

Former Digital Head

Pradeep Kumar Shanka, Sr. Vice President
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Pradeep Kumar Shanka

Sr. Vice President

Karan Sarin, Head - Marketing

Karan Sarin

Head - Marketing

Deepika Rodrigo, Vice President
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Deepika Rodrigo

Vice President

Michael Leander, Founder & Marketing consultant
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Michael Leander

Founder & Marketing consultant

Dinesh Vernekar, Product Manager, Walnut

Dinesh Vernekar

Product Manager

Byomkesh Kumar, Sr. Online Marketing Manager

Byomkesh Kumar

Sr. Online Marketing Manager

Byomkesh Kumar, Sr. Manager Digital & Brand Marketing

Anshul Khandelwal


Sumit Verma, Sr. Manager - Digital Marketing, Grofers
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Sumit Verma

Sr. Manager - Digital Marketing

Kavita Jhunjhunwala, Founder and Head - Digital
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Kavita Jhunjhunwala

Founder and Head - Digital

Program Syllabus

16 Modules20 weeks

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Jaideep Prabhu

You will start the program with a basic understanding of marketing and it's functions, like, developing campaigns, capturing insights, market segmentation, channel selection and brand building. On completion of the first module you will gain a detailed understanding of the 4Ps framework for different types of businesses and how to analyse the competitive environment of any company using a SWOT analysis.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Amaresh Godbole

To master marketing it is imperative to understand how marketing has evolved over time. This module will help you understand the evolution of Marketing, the reasons for changes (like growth of digitalization, smartphone penetration, change of consumer behaviour patterns). After this module, you will be able to understand advantages of Digital Marketing Channels over Traditional Marketing Channels and also analyse where traditional marketing is be relevant.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Anshul Khandelwal

With this module you will be able to define the different stages of consumer funnel for different types of businesses and how different digital marketing channels such as email, SEO, social media play a role at different points in the consumer funnel. You will also be able to translate business goals into marketing goals using matrices like customer acquisition costs and lifetime value of a consumer.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Deepika Rodrigo

This module will help you understand the digital counterparts of the brand properties and the best practices for website design and user experience creation across industries. On completion you will be able to ideate mock ups of webpages and navigation structure specific to business and measure the performance of your website using matrices like traffic, users and bounce rate by source of traffic.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Pradeep Shankar

95% of search result clicks happen on the first page of Google results. Understand what Google & other search engines identify as a SEO optimized page, learn how to implement On and Off page SEO strategies. On completion you will be able to identify keywords relevant to your business and use them in website content for better ranking and measure SEO impact using tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Search Console.

Duration : 3 weeks | Professor : Sujoy Golan

This module will help you understand different types of ads facilitated by Google and the different online properties which can be used to place such ads. You will be able to understand Google's methodology for evaluating ranking of ads and set up a search network campaign. You will also be able to create and execute strategies for Google Shopping campaigns and Gmail sponsored promotion campaigns targeted to gmail users based on the keywords in their email

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Sujoy Golan

Display ads on an average get 4 times as many views as search ads. Understand display advertising, types of display ads and major ecospace elements like, advertiser and publisher. In this module, you will get an overview of real-time bidding with examples. Also know how to access ad exchanges using an ad network. On completion you will be able to set up a display campaign in Google Adwords and use the performance data to optimize it.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Sumit Verma

On social media, content is the driving factor. With this module you will be able to plan content based on social media platforms and also community building and user base growth hacking across channels. You will also be able to measure performance of social media campaigns using metrics and translating to actual business growth in terms of brand lift & customer acquisition. You will complete your social media module by learning a comprehensive Social Media framework called AID + LIRA developed by Michael Leander.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Sujoy Golan

95% of a website's visitors do not carry out any transactions on their first visit. Learn how remarketing functions so as to not lose potential customers. On completion you will be able to create relevant ads for your website visitors according to their actions and measure the conversions through remarketing and evaluate means to improve your strategy.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Michael Leander

Email is one of the most effective channels of paid marketing since it is highly targeted and you communicate directly with the user. On completion of this module, you will be able to write compelling marketing emails, build and segment a list of email ids. You will also be able to use an automation tool to automate the email sending process and very importantly, measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Dinesh Vernekar

80% of total users in India use mobile to access the internet. Reach such users better by effectively promoting an app to increase its rate of installation using app store optimization. With this module, you will also know how to do paid marketing using social media and in-app ads. Lastly, you will be able to track the ranking of your app in app store and measure the performance of your paid campaigns.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Karan Sarin

Companies spend, on average, 25% of total marketing budgets on content marketing. This module will help you understand how to plan a content calendar so that you regularly post relevant content. You will be able to decipher what kind of content help you improve the discoverability of your product. Also, you will learn how to appropriately distribute content in the form of e-books, whitepapers and webinars to generate leads.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Sakhee Dheer

Unlike in traditional marketing, performance of every campaign can be measured in digital marketing using analytics. With this module, you will be able to understand your website visitors, sources of website traffic and also measure the performance of campaigns at organization level by using matrices such as CTR, Cost per conversion and organic data.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Michael Leander

For a campaign to be successful connecting marketing efforts to sales efforts is imperative. With this module you will know how to nurture a contact into a prospect using multiple techniques and channels, so the sales team to take over from.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Lijo Isac

This module will help you understand what growth hacking is and how it can help boost marketing results across the funnel, from acquisition to retention. You will be able to analyse existing product and user data to draw one relevant matric to evaluate and apply different hacks across digital channels and marketing funnels.

Duration : 1 week | Professor : Apurva Chamaria

At this stage, you will be able to evaluate the performance of digital channels in accordance to marketing goals and apply your accumulated knowledge to create comprehensive marketing plans, based on spends strategy for each channel and funnel stage contribution.

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